Learning Old Icelandic

Alaric has found himself creating various teaching resources for Old Icelandic and related areas. All have been created under pressure of time, for specific ad hoc purposes, so none is perfect, and it may be that none suit your personal needs! (Though Alaric is quite proud of his Magic Sheet.) All the same, Alaric thought it would be good to make his resources available incase other people find them useful. If you'd like not only to use any of the resources here but to alter them, then just email Alaric (alaric@cantab.net) and he'll send you the original files.

Old Icelandic grammar resources

Old Icelandic cultural background

A series of low-tech videos aiming to give a quick guide to what was afoot in medieval Scandinavia, by way of a context for medieval Icelandic literature.

Old Icelandic texts with marginal glossaries for beginners